A holistic approach to wellness

Wellness is a state of being healthy, holistically and, to maintain it a balance within the “Wellness Wheel” is necessary. This wheel is multidimensional and consists of many parts that make a person complete physically and mentally. Any deficiency in any of the parts or overlapping can create an imbalance that affects the wellness of an individual.

Physical Wellness:
The state of being physically healthy.
Mental Wellness:
The state of cognitive or emotional Well-being.
Social Wellness:
The state of being involved with one’s community in a positive way.
Financial Wellness:
The state of being financially content, free of debt, and in charge of one’s financial worth.
Family Wellness:
The state of being in a close relationship with one’s family and having a positive connection with partners, friends, and loved ones.

Spiritual Wellness:
The state of being in touch with one’s humanity (love & respect for all). Spirituality could mean differently for each person.